Archaeology dig in Spain yields prehistoric ‘crystal weapons’

Archaeology dig in Spain yields prehistoric ‘crystal weapons’

Archaeology dig in Spain yields prehistoric ‘crystal weapons’

How do you look when you see a beautiful crystal? Perhaps the thing is the beauty of the diamond or the vivid colors of the different gems? Indeed, since they first discovered them people have been fascinated by crystals.

The names of gems originate from ancient cultures, which were pretty much fascinated with them and were applied to their jewelry, cooking facilities and weapons.

Did you know that after the apocalypse was all made of stones and glasses the Bible describes the new Jerusalem?

An archeological excavation in Spain reveals that crystals were intrigued and ceremonial even during the 3rd millennium BC

A collection of amber beads was uncovered by archeologists in Valencina de la Concepción and a “special set of crystal arms” has been found.

Removed from 2007 to 2010, the Monterilio Tholos is a “massive megalithic construction … which occupies a total of over 43.75 m.” It was made out of large slabs of slate and served as a burial site.

The time this site was built was renowned for excavating artifacts from the earth and excavations, as well as crystals.

The citizens found a way to turn the quartz crystals into arms in the case of the Monterilio tholos.

The location where the crystals were discovered, however, is not associated with deposits of rock crystal, so these crystals have been imported from another region.

There were two potential sources, “both located a few Kilometers away from Valencina,” not indicating the rock crystal source that was recruited in the creation of these weapons.

As mentioned by the academic paper on these crystal arms, the development of the crystal dagger must have “built upon an accumulation of empirically acquired knowledge and skills extracted from the creation of flint dagger blades and the knowledge of smaller bifacial knives, like the Ontiveros and the Monterilio arrowheads, of rock-crystal.”

There were estimated precisely “10 crystal arrowheads, 4 blades and the rock crystal heart of the Monterilio tholos” to be found on the site.

Of note, even if bones of 20 people were discovered in the main chamber, they could not be attributed to any of the crystal arms.

The citizens were burned, but the weapons of crystal were held in a different room, with flint daggers, ivory, and beads.

Such crystal weapons might have been ritualistic and were most likely held by the wealthy. So their use was closely linked to their spiritual meaning. Several cultures have discovered the crystals have a very sacred and symbolic significance.

“They probably represent funeral paraphernalia which is only met by the elite of this time.

The combination of the dagger blade with an ivory handle, which is also a non-locally important raw material, strongly suggests the elevated status of people who use these artifacts.

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