Discovery of Amber Fossil Reveals Two Caught Flies Dying 41 Million Years Ago during Mating

Discovery of Amber Fossil Reveals Two Caught Flies Dying 41 Million Years Ago during Mating

Discovery of Amber Fossil Reveals Two Caught Flies Dying 41 Million Years Ago during Mating

One of the wild flies preserved in amber about 500 billion years ago in 6 different software now and when safe at a tree ragin and stranded in a party

What time has changed to amber and still a twisted league in an erotic couple is the fact that typical flies only take a few seconds to complete the army of Victoria Austria, Victoria makes Australian forces more remarkable.

You can conclude that this long leg-fly was conquered 41 million years ago by Melbourne a horse’s paper water and paleologist Jeffrey eel wel

Professor Colwell said you can imagine all the details given by the students of my number, if they are Gondwana, apart from 98.1 styles.

Amber Hons has met this with amber Hons from the second part of the world but never the rare professor Steven Spielberg 1993 – the film Jurassic Park in dinosaurs-from the mosquito to the world. A. n

But, in fact, they are millions of years old where the ancient terrestrial ecosystem professor Stillwell and the cool system has been reported for passing through around 3000 pieces of fossilized ember while the earth has been found on the rock from 54 to 40 million years ago.

One of them is to produce the long – term lake fly as a food id, commonly found in Britain and the rest of the world. This is the first example of Australian professor’s steel well-frozen behavior of saree frozen, recorded on its fossil record, including a sheltered living diet.

Dolly Chopra is mainly found with short metallic flies, the legs of cotton with potential sweaters.

It was found around 41 million years ago in angelis ca Victoria, where the team analyzed amber deposit and other locations from the amber deposit and other sites in south-east Australia Tasmania newzeland, which mentioned the first Australian element and aid of their fossils and the first Australian cylinder of 30 million-year-old cylinders, and a hard scale defect of insects at around 53 million years of age.

There was a group of juvenile spiders cutting kerato-42 level road and one of the most two species from the south are the oldest animals and plants known as the order number of pizzas in Gondwana and the most accurate security officer in Australia and NewZealand.

We have now received the proposal that the ancient sub – polar greenhouse for the ecosystem between Australia and Antarctica has been the spearhead in the south in the higher latitudes and the first time search for a group of animals and plants and the first spring tales and other records of war behavior included in the records of the forces of building flies.

Before that, Australia has never found any fossil and is an important part of Australia ‘s ecosystem, and it has been known for over 40 million years that most of the northern hemisphere records are from the northern hemisphere and have confirmed that it has been released into the south of the energy and the ancient continent of the southern hemisphere.

Thor’s free story was discovered in the south by an ecosystem of Australia New Zealand, 30 to 40 million years in the south from karanji period.

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