Essex and Norfolk teenage metal detectorists sell 1,000 year old royal coins at auction

Essex and Norfolk teenage metal

An uncommon King Harold II coin dating from 1066 that was found by a metal distinguishing youngster has made £4,000 at sell-off.

Reece Pickering, of Great Yarmouth, was 16 when he found the silver penny at Topcroft, in Norfolk, in August.

The coin, found while metal identifying with his dad had been assessed to get up to £3,000.

A Henry I coin sold for £3,100 after it was found in Essex by a 15-year-old, who was additionally out with his father.

The coins were sold at Hansons’ Historica closeout.

Reece, a cooking understudy who goes metal identifying most ends of the week, stated: “I wasn’t hoping to go over such a scant and momentous coin. It’s days I will recall for eternity.

“I can’t envision discovering something as extraordinary as this once more. You just never realize what’s underneath your feet.”

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His dad Jonny Crow, a 41-year-old welder, stated: “The coin has been recorded with the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Just two others are known to exist.”

Additionally available to be purchased was a Henry I coin dating from his rule (1100-1135) found by 16-year-old Walter Taylor while looking in a field in south Essex in September when he was 15.

A detectorist since he was four, Walter, from the Ongar zone, said the coin, which brought £3,100, was his “greatest find”.

“I’d been out with my father and uncle for around four hours when I discovered it,” he said.

“I thought it was a silver penny, yet when I swiped the mud off it, I saw a face gazing at me.”

The bartering house said the finds had been accounted for to the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme, and, after the barker’s cut, the cash from the deal would be divided down the middle between the detectorists and the landowners.

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