Would you today believe this was made centuries ago in 1063 AD?
Location: RaniKaVav, Patan, Gujarat

This VAV (stepwell) is 64 meters long where the water of the Saraswati river was collected and used in private works.

The Indian Archaeological Department re-discovered it a few years ago.

Blue Mesa Trail – Lavender Beauty in Petrified Forest National Park: A hiking trail among the badland hills with bluish bentonite clay, as well as petrified wood. Numerous plant and animal fossils have been found by palaeontologists in the sedimentary layers of Blue Mesa.

Inside the Colosseum, Rome, Italy. The Colosseum is built of travertine limestone, tuff (volcanic rock), and brick-faced concrete.

Haid al-Jazil, ancient town o mud brick in the valley. of Dawan, Yemen

This is a 2,000-year-old Egyptian floor mosaic depicting a dog and a knocked-over gold vessel, which typically held wine or water.

Toquepala Caves, Moquegua Region. The Toquepala Caves are located near Toquepala mine, about 154 km (96 mi) from the city of Tacna, in the extreme southeast of Peru.

Trier’s Imperial Roman Baths : The construction of this complex started shortly before 300 AD, and can be attributed to the emperor Constantius I Chlorus (293-306), who moved his residence to Trier. Location: Tier, Germany.